Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yarn, FOs, and Mickey, OH MY!

Ok, I know I haven't posted in weeks. I have a good excuse. I'll give you a hint

Yep - there it is, one of the worst pictures of Cinderella's castle that I've ever seen. I spent last week with my mom, sister, & nieces in Disneyworld. We had an absolute ball but I seriously think that deserves a post all of it's own.

Did I knit? Heck no. Actually, I worked on sock #2 of my yarn ahoy socks at the airport before I left. I can't knit on the plane - I need more room than a narrow seat in coach allows. On the ride back to the Orlando airport I started a charity hat to turn in at Fiber Fest but I didn't finish it - I imagine I will tonight. No it won't go to the charity it was meant for but it will go in my pile of chemo caps to go to the Baylor cancer ward here in Dallas. It's adorable but after I realized it wouldn't get done I got distracted.....

You also may have noticed that my yarn diet ticker has been reset. I really don't feel bad about this AT ALL - I had a good excuse. And I made it a freaking MONTH without buying any yarn - except a few balls of Sugar & cream which at $5 total just doesn't count.....This past weekend was DFW Fiber Fest. I took the Entralac class with Knitting Fairy Alissa Barton - do I need to sing her praises AGAIN? I don't think so - you know that I'm a fan. She is a marvelous teacher. I needed feltable wool in 2 colors for the mini bag that she was featuring in the class. Do you believe that I didn't have 2 colors of feltable wool in my stash? Shut up. This was prettier. Even though the likes of Lily Chin were teachers at this event, this was the class I truly wanted and it's all I could manage after walking 194 miles at Disneyworld on little sleep, no wine, and dealing with children for 5 days. (I am not opposed to all children, but I get nervous when I'm outnumbered. Just saying....) Here is the bag that is a product of that class. Adorable, huh?

Oh, and I bought some Perchance to Knit Foxtrot from my friend Manda's destash mission - I've been wanting this yarn FOREVER & if you don't know what it looks like, when you see it you'll understand. In case that isn't enough justification for you, I also found a $20 bill in a Christmas card from my Grandmother when I was unpacking from Disney. How is that for some fate?????

Now, my most favorite announcement. I finished my first pair of socks that I actually like. Did I say like? More like LOVE. They are the Lacy Mock Cable Socks made out of Yarn Ahoy Berry Bang (I think) yarn that was given to me by my very sweet secret pal Ronda. I love love love them. I was trying not to squeal as I finished the kitchner last night since Patrick thinks hand knit socks are tools of the devil (see previous post). But geeze I'm proud of them & I can't wait to wear them in some anti-fashion statement like with Birkenstocks or clear clogs. Here they are in all their glory.

That's it for now folks! Hope to see everyone soon - I miss my knitting buds. But I caught some child cold disease in Disney - or maybe I have alleriges, whatever, I feel like crap. More knit time. Later