Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Barn Raiser update

Ok - so I finished 4 squares - redid one of the old ones & made 3 new ones correctly. I also frogged all of the old ones today. It's really sad that pulling the bind off took a while but winding the yarn / pulling out 5-6 hours worth of knitting takes well under a minute. Bummer

What yarn is that?
Top left - Cider Moon June Carter
Top right - Yarn Ahoy Berry Beautiful
Bottom left - Cherry Tree Hill Misty Moor (from my Chevron Scarf)
Bottom right - Knit Clinic Autumn Fever

Friday, May 09, 2008

Barn Raiser woes

So I just finished #5 square of my Barn Raising Quilt. When I started it I actually re-read the directions & realized why my squares look more like a boob holder than a square. I missed 4 YOs per row - so yeah, when my stitch count was off by about 50ish on the first one I should have realized what was wrong but no - I just kept knitting squares. 3 more in fact. So I have to rip them out & start over. As I was ripping last night Patrick asked me why didn't I just ditch the ones I had & start over - uh, because then I won't have any yarn, I'm using my scrap yarn from socks! So I really don't have a choice except to rip them out. The worst part is I did a sewn bind off so they have to be picked out, they won't just rip. Sigh. At least each square only took me about 2 nights of knitting. Still. What a pain in the arse.