Monday, February 14, 2011

Nothing Says Love Like Zombie BBQ

This is what my sweet husband got me for Valentines Day. So much better than flowers.

Lornas Zombie BBQ

While this breaks my "no yarn" rules for the first quarter of 2011, I am pretty happy about it (like jumping up & down happy). The dyeing geniuses at Lorna's Laces created this colorway for the Sock Summit in 2009 & I fell in love with it immediately. It is even prettier in person that I could have imagined. Now....what to do with it.....

I love that man!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Fun Stuff

I've been a little absent from blogging because stop the presses, I've actually been knitting a lot!

My friend Lina has a brand new pattern out, Nouveau Bohemia. I pulled some DIC Classy in the Petal Shower colorway out of my stash & knit up the beret version.
Nouveau Bohemia
The pattern was very well written, easy to follow, and her photos are so great. She is a professional photographer living in NYC - I love to read her blog & see her great pictures. She is also having a contest to celebrate her blog's new home, you can enter it here. The contest ends tomorrow, so hurry!

The other thing that I finished very recently was La Novia designed by Anne Hanson.
La Novia
It needs a good blocking, but it turned out really pretty in the Pigeonroof Studios Superwash Sport yarn. The color is really gorgeous.

The other fun thing that came in the mail this week was my order from Three Bags Full. One of these was supposed to be a gift, but now I'm thinking not so much.
Three Bags Full
I was unsure about the size of these (they are the minis), but I really wanted the owls. As it turns out, they are a great size - my wound skein of Classy & my hat project fit in there just fine with a few notions with plenty of room to spare. I would love to have the bigger one as well so I'll be stalking for a fabric that I love. You know, because I need another bag....

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What Do These Things Have In Common?


My couch ate them all. I was on a mission to find one thing - the remote, but you knew that didn't you? I moved my couch cushion - uh, jackpot! Some of this was found between the sections of my sectional, like the cordless phone (set of 4 which is why I didn't tear the couch apart to find it when it went missing weeks ago) & the Addi turbo size 11, 32 inch still in the package.

Items found under cushion:
2 pens, 1 pencil, 2 pair of scissors, a ponytail holder, a container of chibis, 1 size 4 Knitpicks Options tip, a small crochet hook, 6 stitch markers, countless beads (seriously, I stopped picking these up), and a nickel. I often hear people talk about paying for a meal with the change you find in your couch cushions & well, my nickel wouldn't buy much. But I don't know one knitter that wouldn't be happy about finding this loot which is obviously much more valuable than a few bucks in change.

Just for the record, I also looked under Patrick's cushion & he didn't have anything fun under there. Not even one fun thing! Go figure. Go look under yours & tell me what you find - please! You never know what might be under there. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was hoping the cushion would cough up my Knitpicks Option set complete with binder that has been missing forever. No such luck.