Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is it seriously almost August?

I refuse to come here once a quarter and make some lame excuses as to how busy I am & why I haven't been blogging. I really hate it when people do that. So let me just tell you what's been going on in my knitting world & let's call it a deal, ok?

First I just must mention this because it's driving me freaking insane. My "k" key on my laptop is sticking. AAARRRGGGGHHHHHH! Thank goodness that doesn't include a "k" because it would have been really tough to type. It seems that something might be under it maybe? And I'm not sure if I can pop it off & clean under it & pop it back on so I won't do it. Ok - I'll move on but I thought I would mention it - if suddenly a word doesn't make sense, try throwing a "K" in there somewhere.

What am I knitting?
Well, my last few entries were about Barn Raising Quilt squares. I am currently at 17 squares so that's some progress. Want to see some pictures?

Those are in addition to the ones in the previous post which you have already seen. I was a little optimistic when I started this project. I really thought I wanted to do the quilt out of my scraps to make it a reminder of old projects blah blah blah. Until I finished up my scraps. Guess what? It will take me 11 million years to make enough socks to finish this. So in case you haven't heard, I would really like one scrap from my knitting peeps so that they will have a square in my blanket that represents them. I don't care what color or what yarn. Some yarns seem more appropriate for some people than others. Like Jen gave me a Lorna's scrap (not pictured yet, but it was #17) - it's terribly appropriate because she has a Lorna's addiction. Betty gave me the purple & pink scrap - purple is her favorite color & pink is mine. Liz gave me her scrap of Socks that Rock Misty Kelp that has a history between us but honestly that story is so long & you really won't care at all. The point is that we know & it is meaningful. Don't feel pressure though, if you give me a scrap it doesn't have to have a ridiculous tie in other than "this is pretty"! If you are an internet friend & you want to donate to my cause, email or PM me on Ravelry & I'll send you my address. I really love the idea of this blanket & I keep putting the fact that I will have to seam it all one day out of my head.

Speaking of hating seaming but being obsessed with small objects that require seaming....I also started the Astrid shawl. You basically make a billion circles then put them all together. Seriously, what is wrong with me? Did I mention that I don't really like seaming? Or weaving in ends that much? I'm knitting it in Noro Cashmere Island color #10 & it's going to be freaking gorgeous. I'm hoping to have it finished in time to wear to one of my nieces' weddings one day. They are ages 9 & 6 - I might just hit that goal! This is the set of "medium" circles.

I also did a few small ones but no photos yet. I love this yarn - I am a mild hater of Noro Silk Garden & Kuyeron so let me tell you - if you love the color changes of Noro & want something softer, I highly recommend Cashmere Island.

What else? Patrick is still deployed with Texas State Guard for Hurricane Dolly. He is in Austin now though so not very far from home & it looks like he will be home by Saturday at the latest. Thank goodness! I'm missing him.

I do have other stuff on & off my needles but I have to save some stuff until next time!