Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cutest baby stuff

Man, I love knitting baby items. They take no time & they are SO freaking cute.

February Baby Sweater for my sister's sister in law (got that?) I took this to Target & put it up against other clothes to figure out what size it came out. It seems to be a 6-9 month sweater, which will need to be short sleeved for a Louisiana baby in August to November. I love these buttons:

This is the Baby Kimono out of Mason-Dixon Knitting. I have no idea why they didn't include button holes (or why I didn't think of it in the middle of the project) because that would have been SO much easier than sewing ribbon. Bleech. I have had the knitting done for 3 months but just got around to sewing that ribbon. As a matter of fact, this was for a baby that has since outgrown it so it's going to Patrick's nephew's baby Logan who was born the end of January. It really is cute & I'd knit it again in a second.

I have a few more baby things on my list but haven't started any yet so this will have to do for now. I hope the mommies love them!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chipping away at projects

Man, I finished a lot of projects in January! I finished 3 scarves, my Clapotis shawl, and two hats. Plus Cheryl finished that bag for me so I count that as well - that makes 7 finished things last month. Dang! Amazing the number of things I get through when I'm not working on something really big like a sweater. So what did I do? I cast on for a sweater! Every sweater I have made so far has been a cardigan. I live in Texas & really, even in the winter I get HOT inside. I find the winter so frustrating because indoors people crank the heat up & I always wonder about that. We are dressed in winter clothes, it doesn't have to be 75 degrees inside! So cardigans really make sense for me because I can layer them over a tshirt & be ready for the weather & the warm temps inside.

But lately I have been on the search for the perfect pullover. I actually own some store-bought pullovers & I do wear them, so I figured it was time to make one. I had about 10 picked out & some that I truly loved - but I had to come to terms that some of them really just weren't going to be flattering. It's one thing to try on a sweater in the store & decide you don't like it. Try spending weeks of your time plus a fair amount of money on yarn only to realize it's not the shape for you. I got lots of great advice from my friends, had it limited down to two, then I got the new Berroco newsletter & they had this:


I had some great black yarn that is a silk/viscose/nylon blend that makes a great fabric in my stash so I started it the same night. I am making pretty good progress but am scared to death it's all going too easily. We shall see.

In between this sweater knitting I did finish my scarf for DC - I bought a red coat with black & grey plaid lining in the hood, so low & behold, not even one scarf I own will go with it. I made this really quickly & will probably whip out a black or grey hat between now & then.

That's all for now - finishing up some of the cutest knitting ever - baby sweaters! Pictures to come soon.