Sunday, November 16, 2008

Teaser for the Yarn cabinet reveal

Kudos to Liz for the pretty picture. There is a pink row - can you tell?

Kid N Ewe 2008

Several people have asked me about my trip to Boerne, TX to attend Kid N Ewe . I had a freaking ball. I would replay the trip for you, but honestly, I can't do any better job than Sherilyn on her blog or Dawn on her podcast, so you can go read / listen to their takes on it. Here are the only things I would add.

Here is the bracelet I made in my knitting with beads & wire class:

I LOVED this class - I must make more. It was really simple & our teacher, Midge Jackson, was out of this world great.

Here is the yarn I bought:

The pink/gray/brown around the sides is Plain & Fancy Wool, enough to make a sweater. It's the first thing I bought when I got there - there were only 5 skeins in the booth & I couldn't bear to think it wouldn't be there on Saturday. The very top yarn is Henry's Attic peruvian tweed - it is an alpaca yarn & is SO SOFT. I wish I had bought a big pile of it. The purple/green/brown is PacaPeds sock yarn in Grapevine (you know, because I needed more sock yarn). The gray & gray/black skeins are Bluebonnet alpaca for I don't know what but I had to have it. The brown & gray skeins are Panther Farms Llama that I won for $15 in the silent auction - value of $80. The aqua/brown is Brooks Farms Acero that I bought to make a magic shawl. I probably wouldn't have ever made this but some of my friends have & every one of them is GORGEOUS. I also got a stuffed alpaca & some LED lights that you can attach to your shirt but I go those more for reading than knitting. And I bought some sweater clasps that were really inexpensive & I'm excited about finding the right project for them.

My big news is that when I got home, my sweeter than ever husband & father-in-law had gone to Ikea, gotten my yarn cabinet, and put it together. Here it is with hardly any wool :D

More on that later because I've been filling it up all week. Yesterday Liz came over to have an intervention of ugly yarn (which I had surprisingly little of) & man, it's full. I LOVE IT.

I'll leave you with a goat & an alpaca. I must admit my one disappointment was the absence of animals at the fiber fest! A few kids, but no ewes, and for sure no llamas. And only 2 alpacas. Weak!

PS - some people have asked about results from the Hwy 80 sale. I must admit, I started an entry about the weekend & it was BORING AS HELL. The weekend wasn't but the story was & I got discouraged. Also, a lot of what I bought will be gifts so I can't talk about it much. I'll try to spice it up a bit & post after my Mom gets her birthday box.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My favorite thing today.....

is these slippers. I got them as a birthday present from Susanne back in May but I only wear slippers in the winter. Today was a perfect day for them - spent the whole day playing with my yarn (plus it didn't get out of the 50s today) & put these slippers on ....they are so soft & squishy. If you see them at Bath & Body, grab them immediately.

Then there is the cute tail factor.