Sunday, December 11, 2005

One more present down...

A poncho for my niece's American Girl doll. This is my third attempt at this poncho. The first time I knit it with yarn that was lumpy (if that makes sense - like it had knots on it) and I didn't realize how much sewing I would have to do, so that didn't work out so well. The second attempt was a purely stupid mistake on my part. I finished both pieces in the yarn shown, but when I sewed it together, I didn't get it quite straight so I took the scissors to it. Well, long story short, I ended up cutting my knitted piece - DOH! So I finally finished it today, on my day of complete knitting while watching Sex & The City DVDs.

Do you ever feel guilty when you take the whole entire day to knit? I know I do. I am reminded by my sweet man that I am making Christmas gifts so that is the equivalent of Christmas shopping & I wouldn't feel guilty about doing that, now would I? Of course not! So I guess I'll have several knitting days this week. I won't be posting pixs of my finished projects since they are gifts. And in Tasha-land, where I live, the peoople who know & love me check my blog every single day to see my new entries - they anticipate pictures & FO with bated breath. Like I say, it's my fantasy land, let me believe it! So I won't be showing off my stuff until after Christmas, but I'm really excited.

OH, and more great news - I am officially a professional knitter, as in, I sold a scarf. My friend took a few of my finished pieces to craft shows & such that she has been in and someone actually bought one! I am so excited, it's very validating to have someone who doesn't love me actually pay money to wear one of my creations! And the best news is, the yarn that I used was $1 at a yard sale, so my profit margin was HUGE! Oh happy day!

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