Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I should be writing about how I finished that sweater....

but I'm not. Well, I technically did finish Vesper that I talked about a few weeks ago. Notice that "technically" that I threw in there? Because the knitting really is done - I just have to weave in ends from 14 balls of yarn. In linen. In the round, so not in some inconspicuous side seams. Sigh. It's cute though, and I might actually wear it one day. I think I'm going to bring it to my knit group tonight so my friends can beat me down until I do the finishing on it.

But what I am going to talk about is the contest. I'm terribly excited when people ask me about it or tell me they have stuff to send me. It's amazing how small the internet makes the world & how supportive people from all corners of the world are.

Look at what is coming my way:

whipped this hat out (and if you visit her blog you will see the cutest little girl ever!)
Sherilyn hat - contest

Deedee from California (knitnurd on Ravelry) asked about where to send hat so I went poking around in her projects & found this hat that she made for the contest:
deedee charity hat
I love this hat & actually have this book - I hadn't even thought about it. I might have to make one because it looks like such fun!

So contest details here, still plenty of time - I won't be doing the prize drawing until May 30. Thank you everyone for your support - it really means a lot to me!


Sherilyn said...

I will need to borrow that book from you next fall because N needs that second hat. That is adorable.

Fru-la-la! said...

yay for hats! and yay for you!! hugs!!!

knittinwolf said...

I had to order that book after I saw Deedee's many cute ones in it too! Think I have four hats already for ya...will send them in May as I plan to do more!:)