Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What the Hell?

Are you kidding me? I RAN OUT OF YARN. I know you were all worried that might happen one day, you know, it's not like I have a big pile of it at my house or something. Ahem.

I decided this year that I really do want to make more socks. I'm not a huge fan of making them these days, but they sure did come in handy when the weather went below 40ish or so degrees. Usually if I cast on some fairly plain socks & carry them around with me, I will magically knit on them & before you know it, I have socks! I cast on for a pair with this gorgeous yarn. Yarntini Good to be Girl
Yarntini Good to be girl

I knit on it a little bit but I kept getting distracted, as I usually do. I was about half way down the cuff when I brought them to Spring Fling with me. I did overpack my knitting projects for Spring Fling, but mostly while I was there I knit on these socks. I finished the first one & some wise person said "Cast on #2 right this second." I really wanted to work on something else, but I did cast on for #2 & what do you know, before I knew it I was at the heel. When I was at The Loopy Ewe, I bought this cute bag made by 3am Enchantments. (I actually bought this bag because some sweet person was seriously coveting my kitty one that Amy made me & I wanted to give it to her).


I only mention this bag because I place the blame for my epic fail on this adorable bag. I transferred by yarn ball & the one finished sock & the pattern cards I was using & my stitch markers & such over to this bag & never even looked at it. And I knit on that sock & knit on that sock. I was so close to finished that I even put off other projects to get them done. And then this happened.


Yep, I flat ran out of yarn. I was totally confuzzled. I didn't make my cuffs all that long (6 inches). The yardage on the skein seemed right for socks. I know! I know! The dyer sent me a short skein. That had to be it. I was pretty self righteous about the whole thing. The total ball should be 113 grams, which is plenty enough for a pair of socks! I got home from knit night & weighed the finished sock. Shit. 60 grams. I'm pretty good at math so I knew right away that man, I SHOULD have had enough yarn, but I didn't. It was totally me. At Spring Fling my finished sock even went around the room with people saying "Wow, that's a really squishy & thick sock" & "Do you think that is going to fit in your shoes?" & "Those might end up as house socks" (which is fine with me except I think they are too pretty to only show to myself & Patrick). I guess I should have known, but I didn't. I used a larger size 1 needle (2.5mm) & I really should have used a size 2. If I had, the fabric would have been dense enough, but not nearly as dense as it is now. I also wouldn't have used up all of my yarn.

I pouted for a few days. I have plenty of scraps from other finished projects & I figured I could just use one of those. But this base really is different than anything else that I have & I love it. I hated to put some not as squishy yarn with it. Someone suggested I just get some more - yeah, it's not all that readily available so it's not like I could just scoop some up. So I emailed Jessie at Yarntini & begged to buy a little over 8 grams of yarn from her, even if it was plain white. She said she would be happy to send me some, just send her my address. Angels do exist. That is customer service. You should go buy yarn from her. Except maybe not the Port because I've been having my eye on it. (totally kidding, please save me from myself)


Fru-la-la! said...
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Fru-la-la! said...

okay so I totally had a space cadet moment and the comment didn't make no sense?! anyhoo..wat I meant to type is thank goodness your getting more yarn pron to finish le sock.

knittinwolf said...

Oh gosh that sucks but what an awesome dyer to send you some more! Whoo hoo!

chococat78 said...

Running out of yarn is one of my worst nightmares ;) I remember you working on those socks and drooling over the colors :D That was so nice of her to send you more! I have one skein of Yarntini in Mimosa and it is sooo pretty. Seriously stalking her Etsy shop now...Great looking socks!