Sunday, October 24, 2010

Because I couldn't make this up if I tried....

I have loads to say because I've been a traveling fool & I want to share my adventures with you, but I had to show you this.  I couldn't make this up if I tried.  And don't I wish I had because people would be handing my money faster than I could count it.  There is a new Wii game called Kirby's Epic Yarn.  You heard me.


I resisted for several days even.  Yesterday afternoon I couldn't stand it anymore.  I had done responsible house work & grocery shopping & not fun stuff most of the day & I caved.  I started playing & I took some screen shot pictures because again, I couldn't make this up.

Kirbys epic yarn
There is MAGIC YARN.  We already knew that, but for it to go public is pretty big news as far as I'm concerned.

Kirby's epic yarn
And yes, they are in Quilty Square.  Bwhahahahahaha.

Kirby's epic yarn
See, yarn does fix everything.

Kirby's epic yarn
And there is a fabric store!  Run by a guy named Loomis Woole.

There are buttons & zippers & felted fabric & you unravel the enemies & collect beads - it's such a knitters dream that I don't even know what to do with myself.  OH OH - and the bad guy has evil knitting needles, but I didn't have my camera out when they showed them.  On top of that, it's getting great reviews from the gaming community as a whole, so it's not just us. 

If you have a Wii, go get it right this second!!!!!

Commercial over.


Manda said...

Ok, that's kind of awesome. :D

Anonymous said...

OMG too awesome! :D

chococat78 said...

I am ROFL laughing :) That is too cute! If I had a Wii, we would own this game (we have a PS 3)...

Lyn said...

What are the chances I can convince my 17 to 30 year-old, Halo playing sons that this is cool? Cause, you know, I'd need them to show me how to turn the damn thing on...

KnitNurd said...

Love it...that is too funny!!!