Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WIP Update Early 2011

So.....last year I did a WIP reveal & had a few "finish or frog" conversations with myself.  According to my calculations, at that time I had 16 WIP (not including my Barn Raising Quilt, which doesn't really count because it's a long term stash buster).   I finished 6 of those, frogged 5, and there are still FIVE previous projects that are still not finished.  And now I have 18.  I guess I need another talking to.

Here we go again, but I'm starting with the most recent.

Ellie Shawl
I love this yarn & pattern combo. I bought this yarn at the Brooks Farms booth the first year they came to DFW Fiber Fest - I do believe it was in 2007 though I can't be absolutely sure. I just love the color & while I was knitting on it over the Christmas holidays my Mom insisted that I need to buy more if I see it. It's just that pretty & the pictures don't do it justice (as usual).

Happy Baby Blanket
This is for a friend that is having a baby in mid-January.  I'm 1/4 of the way through & it went really really fast (like 3 or 4 days of light knitting maybe).  I need to get on it because she'll be here anytime.  They think she is going to be early - yeah, right!
Happy Blanket

One Row Buffalo Scarf
Clicking along on this. 

Old Rose Moebius

It needs to go to the frog pond - I'm going to run out of yarn before it's as big as I want it.

Give me some sock mojo socks
I stopped knitting on this because I can't find my working copy & I'm too lazy to pull out my book so that I have the heel directions.  Seriously, that is the laziest thing I think I've ever said.
Knit clinic socks

I do like this sweater, I think it's destined to be finished, not frogged.
rowan felted tweed clover

Shoulder Bling
This is some of the easiest knitting that I have on the needles.  I just need to wind more of my yarn.  My cat got into it & it's....a little loved on.  She really loves yarn & she doesn't actually hurt it, but she doesn't like it to be in a neat skein or ball.  I really hate to straighten it out either way.
Shoulder Bling Kraemer Sterling Silk & Silver

Lace Edge Cardigan
I need to sew on the edging or this baby is going to outgrow it!  I knit a 6-9 month & she was born in July.  Like I need to get sewing pronto.  Damn you, Debbie Bliss.
DB Baby Cashmerino

Vintage Velvet
I lost my place on this & I am horrible at counting rows on cables.  Chenille yarn surely doesn't help.
Touch me

Hellfire Crosswalkers
I think this is too many stitches.  The pattern swears it's not & it will work out, but I'm not buying it.  It needs a frog pond visit.
Vesper Hellfire

I Love Being a Girl
Another project that stalled because I need to wind another skein of yarn.  I think I see a pattern developing, but it honestly makes no sense because I have to wind new yarn to start a new project. Geeze
SG Love Bug

Garter Rib Yarntini
I ran out of yarn.  In April.  The yarn dyer was nice enough to send me some of the base to finish the socks.  And I still haven't wound it.  OMG - what is wrong with me????? (UPDATE: Wound the yarn & finished these 12/29/10. They are a little wonky because the toes are different & I didn't continue the patter for the same amount of repeats. And I don't care - they are house socks and DONE!)

Learn to Knit Afghan

Long term knit.  I have done 22 of 63 squares.  A lot of the ones I have left are slipped stitch / mosaic knitting & I must admit, I kind of hate those squares!  Maybe I should figure out the color pattern on the afghan if I knit the other squares 3 times or something.  We'll see.  I tend to pick this up when I'm at a total loss.  I really do like the Knitpicks Swish Worsted & I'm enjoying knitting with it.  I would be happy to use this for baby things & washables in the future. (These colors + Pink)
Swish for my barbara walker afghan

Notes of Lyra
I really love this shawl.  I'm test knitting it for the designer & it's a great knit.  I finished the chart one full repeat & it's so pretty.  I just have to be in a special mood to work on lace with beads.  I would love to finish this & I can see it going in my gift pile because honestly?  The yarn color is just not working for me.  That might be part of why I keep stalling on it.
Madeline Tosh silk lace

Sweater Sampler
This has been on my goal list for the past 2 years. I was rocking through the sampler all the way until I got to the button part.  This is one of those projects that you need to read & not being doing something else.  It's very rare that I am in that situation - I usually knit while I'm watching TV & Patrick already fusses that I make his rewind the show we are watching quite often.  Another thing is that because it's pretty involved I didn't make myself a working copy so I have to work out of my book.  That gets really cumbersome & stops me from picking it up as an "easy project".  Easy must be my new safe word.
Sweater sampler

Lace Sampler a la Franklin
This was on my list last year, but as a long term project as well.  I am wanting to pursue my stitch dictionaries for patterns for it, but that is also not very portable.  That really stops me from working on this because honestly?  This is the softest yarn I've ever worked with.  It's absolutely dreamy & you'd think I would be doing whatever is necessary to work with it!  But....I'm all about easy, remember?
Lace sampler

Misty Ike Socks.
Ok, I will admit it.  I don't think this sock fits all that great.  I cast on for the number that should have worked but then it was too big in the heel / gusset.  Then I decreased to make the heel / gusset work.  I have no idea what I really did & how to make #2 work with it.  So my real problem now I frog it?  Try to match it?  Make a sock like I want for #2 & live with the fact that they are different?  I'm currently leaning toward #3 but honestly the decision paralyzes me.  I haven't ever been able to knit socks successfully with Socks That Rock.  Ever.  That makes me sad, but it's true & I can't seem to fix it.
Retreat sock

Barn Raising Quilt
I have 39 of 42 squares knit.  I have so many scraps that I want to include that I keep increasing my plan for a bigger blanket.  But I won't pick the last 3 just in case I don't make more & then I'm stuck with what I knit.  I want it all to be "perfect" - I'm once again paralyzed by a decision that really won't matter, but it seems like a really big decision.

That is 18. I'd like to say that is all of the WIPs I have going on, but honestly there are a few more in my "hibernating" section of Ravelry. But I don't want to talk about them. Or they need their own post...
* Triple S Shawl (I love it dearly, but it needs it's own post)
* Astrid - about 45000 circles to make then seam (not really, but it's a lot)
* Dallas Guild shawl - which is more of a plan than WIP.
* Trellis still needs to be frogged. But who wants to frog Kid Silk Haze? Not me.
* Noni Adventure Bag is sitting in a zipped pillow case on my dryer waiting for a felting. Where it's been for about 6 months. I hate confessing that to anyone. I'm scared to death to felt it!


Marushka C. said...

So much pretty yarn here! I sympathize with the indecision about which ones to finish and which to let go. I try to stay with my WIP count under 5 because if I let things sitntoo long, I lose the mojo to finish them.

PS- you're one of my Ravelry "neighbors" since we have a bunch of patterns in common. Nice to meet you :-)

Anonymous said...

do finish your Peasy -- you'll LOVE it!

Sherilyn said...

I'll make a deal with you on your Misty sock. I have four lonely socks. Holy crap...I just changed that from two to three to...four! Four! How did I get such a bad case of SSS? I'll frog two of them if you'll frog Misty.