Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Still Casting on

Yes, I'm still casting on.  Since I last checked in I have cast on 3 new project.

The 19th Century Honeycomb Stitch Scarf in this Three Irish Girls Bryn
3IG Fingering Cashmere Bryn

A Girlfriend Market Bag in this very old stashed Sugar n Cream
Grrlfriend Market Bag

And tonight I'm casting on the Knit Gridded Towel in this yarn (also vintage stash!)
Gridded Towel

It is a fun exercise & I highly recommend it.  I've gotten a surprising amount of knitting done on these projects. Casting on with wild abandon is really a lot of fun & very freeing.  I have had to stop myself from casting on more than one project each day - how is that possible?

I have also have some comments about needles.  Sigh.  I do have a lot of needles.  So far I have had the sizes of all the needles I have needed, but I'm waiting for the day that I don't have what I need & have to pull from another project or (gasp!) buy more.  That was Patrick's very first comment when I mentioned the challenge, so I'm trying to keep my word that I'll have what I need to move forward on a daily basis.  I really don't see a need to buy more needles, but we'll just have to see.

Join the fun or plan your own month of casting on craziness!


Lina said...

Love the cast on craziness! I'm not sure I could do that, though... I think I'd be a bit scared to do it. ;)


Diana said...

You drank some crazy kool-aid, but you'll have some pretty stuff, so I guess thats ok!