Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Dear Knitwear Designers,


Please stop coming out with terrific books with patterns that I-must-knit-right-this-minute.  The cooler weather has given me a severe case of sweater knitting-itis and I've been buying your publications like a crazy person.  There seems to be no end to great looking patterns & I am stuck knitting random hats & baby items because I can't make a decision.  Can you hold off until next year so I can get a few of these done just in time for Spring 2012 as is my tradition of sweater knitting?  Thank you.


PS - I threw in The Knitters Book of Socks because I just got it last night and I love it too.


Lyn said...

I love the Knitter's Book of Socks! I lost my sock mojo years ago and I'm seriously considering knitting the book, starting in 2012. Maybe a pair per month, which could quickly disintegrate into a pair per quarter? Wanna play? We'll have very, very low expectations and celebrate every 5th pair with a meet-up!

Lina said...

LOL! Isn't that always your problem, though? ;)


chococat78 said...

Too funny!!! I have given up just knit what I can ;-)