Friday, June 23, 2006

Knitting A-D-D Rages On

Seriously. My self-diagnosed startistis is over. I am officially on a starting project kick & bouncing about amongst them all. In addition, I am on the search for yet ANOTHER yarn to start something else too because apparently 4 projects OTN just aren't enough. I won't bore you with more pictures of the still unfinished pinwheel baby blanket - I have started a seed stitch border on it and it is taking for-freakin-ever! But it is turning out nicely & I still have time so I'm excited about it. I love that self striping yarn, though it does tend to split. On to other knitting news:

Beginning of my Rowan Beth sweater. I am so excited about this - I took a private lesson with the wonderful - Alissa Barton for pattern modifications. I am loving the idea of custom fitting patterns & being able to play with them & the sizing since I am not a size zero model with the chest size of a 12 year old!

This scarf is a Christmas present for my niece Jordyn - she loves all things gaudy & sparkly & particularly pink (much like her Aunt T) so when I saw this yarn on CLEARANCE I had to get it for her. I started & basically finished this scarf last weekend. Don't pat me on the back for being early on gifts either. My real motivation was that I needed a truly brainless project while visiting and wine drinking at my group last Saturday. The yarn was a ball to work with and I am not binding off until I make a matching hat. If I can manage to make a hat that will actually fit a 7 year old instead of a baby doll, then I'll make the scarf even longer with any left over yarn.

Is it possible to make charity gifts for philanthropic purposes yet be selfish all at the same time? Gosh I hope so. I am a failed hat maker. I have tried several to no avail. My friend started working at a non-profit that facilitates the Meals-On-Wheels program in her area so we started brain storming about giving the participants hand knitted gifts at Christmas time. So this is my first hat attempt - I figure I can practice hats for charity gifts, right? That isn't entirely selfish, is it? I don't want any flack about knitting flat & sewing up the edges either! I need baby steps, people, and my double point needle collection is pretty sparse. If this basic pattern works out I'll see what else I can dig up....

Knit on!

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Becky said...

Hey - that sweater yarn looks familiar! No socks??