Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Stupidest Knitter Alive

I may not be, but I really feel like it. And not just because I used the word "stupidest" even though I know it's not grammatically correct. I feel like such an idiot & I imagine looking at that picture, you can imagine why.

I am currently knitting up the Noni Rather Huge Carpet Bag. I couldn't believe how quickly it was knitting up & that I was nearly done, so this morning I started knitting bright & early so that I could finish it up & bind off. So I did.

When I was a credit analyst for the bank, they used to make us do an exercise called "Spilled Milk". We were periodically assigned loans that had defaulted & that the bank had lost money on and made us re-analyze it & write up how we could have predicted this loss when it was originally underwritten. I couldn't help but think this is a spilled milk project if I've ever seen one! Let's recap:
A) The pattern called for 4 skeins of each color of yarn - you hold 2 of each color together. Last night I was telling Patrick that I wasn't even through 2 skeins of each color & that I must be knitting extra tight or something. I was already contemplating what I'd do with that left over pink & brown yarn. I could make another bag as a gift!
B) It wasn't rather huge. It was rather short. I mean really short. Can anyone say "half as short as it should be"?
C) The fact that I kept saying "gee this is knitting up so quickly"!
D) Never underestimate the gut feeling that something is wrong. My gut is pretty wise. (also true in the credit world, btw).

You see, I should be knitting 10 rows of EACH COLOR. I knit 10 rows total. I even re-read the pattern several times and counted at least 5 times to make sure I was right. I just think somewhere the damn pattern should say "you should have 20 rows total" considering they gave every other direction in every possible way as if they were talking to The Stupidest Knitter Alive. Sigh. I'll take responsibility for my screw up. I am just heartbroken because now I've cut my yarn on the first skeins on top of the fact that I already did the bind off. Going to unbind off. What do you even call that? Double sigh.


Dawn said...

okay, so yours will be a thinly striped bag........maybe you will like it better. I know how you feel though. I always want mine to look EXACTLY like the picture (or better!) and get really pissed when it doesn't happen!! I need to go look at one online so I can understand the dilemma.

Another option is to finish this one the way it is, felt it, finish it completely and then make one the "right" way and see which one you like better. I made 3 clogs on that theory alone instead of a pair.

As one of my children's principal's always says......."Mistakes are opportunities for learning."

Now. I have my face pressed up to the monitor.........go ahead and slap me!

You are the best!!

Becky said...

Cut your loss and rip it and start over. You will not be happy unless it is done correctly - I know you won't. You will never see the tie-ins once it is felted. It will be beautiful when it is done and well worth it.

Manda said...

oh noooooo!! that SUCKS!! i completely feel your pain. :(