Monday, December 11, 2006

Stitch Marker success!

It seems that most of my knitting friends were gifted with the ability to also make stitch markers. They occassionally bring them to get togethers and hand them out like candy. Each time I get one I am amazed at how different they all are and I figured out why I like them so much - they are jewelry for our knitting! How cool is that? So I finally got one of them to give a quick lesson and I loved it. SO fun. Just what I needed- another addiction. Little sheep, skull, itty bitty sock marker.


Becky said...

Very cool to see that you liked making the stitch markers. I love making them and I love getting ones made by by my knitting friends.

Anonymous said...

I love the markers - isnt it great that your 'gifted' friend taught you! I only like other peoples - not my own.

Knitting Rose said...

The stitch markers are soo pretty. I still like other people's better than my own.
You have been tagged for the 6 weird things about me... see my blog (you have to tag 6 folks too).