Friday, August 31, 2007

Dr. Evil Stole my MOJO!

It could be because it's been 100 degrees in Texas, but I believe I've lost my mojo. Let me first say that I generally knit every single day. I knit while I'm watching tv at home which is a daily occurrence. "What about when you are not home at night?" some might ask. Well, if I'm not home on weeknights I'm usually at a knitting meet up so, well, I'm knitting. A sweet lady that I knit with recently made the comment that I don't have to knit every day. Can you believe that stopped me in my tracks & made me go "hmmmmm"? I seriously hadn't thought of that. Duh.

I have made a pledge to finish a sweater for myself by the time it cools off here - which should be entirely possible since it is only cold for like 2 months starting in December! But a light chill would warrant a cardigan so Lucy in the Sky is my latest victim. It is a deep green & is coming along really well but I got to the arms & now I'm stuck. Not because I don't know what to do, but because....well.... I can't find the needles I need to use & I have to dig out another skein of the yarn from my recent attempt to organize my stash so now everything I need is at the bottom of the heap no matter what I that whiney enough? GEEZE!

I knew my MOJO was on the fritz so lately when that happens I cast on a pair of socks. The only problem with that plan is that I tend to be monogomous to the socks so the sweater gets no love until the socks are done. Defeats the purpose of finding my mojo. Did I mention I don't even WEAR socks? Whatever.

I have been posting projects to my Ravelry account so I just realized that I haven't posted so many of my FOs here! I'll run through a couple of them & if you knit with me or stalk me on Ravelry (and I mean that in a good way), you will be bored silly!

My latest socks:

Jackie O Glacier from Cider Moon using the Rainy Day pattern from Magknits.
Can I tell you how much I LOVE the ladies at Cider Moon? Their customer service is outstanding & I have gotten the sweetest emails from them. Go buy some yarn right now! The colorways are gorgeous & the yarn is so nice to work with - I've never been disappointed. Well, that's kind of a lie, I was disappointed when I got my order of June Carter Cloud & I had only put one skein in my cart when I wanted 2 - what in the heck was I thinking??? And I have this strange compulsion of not being able to buy another skein from a different dye lot because I think it will be different shades, yada yada because it is hand dyed. Bummer. I guess I'll have to buy 2 more for my scarf & make a matching hat! That Cloud is ridiculously squishy & they tricked me into buying it by sending SAMPLES with my order. What clever vixens.

I also finished these Monkey socks with Sunshine Westwood yarn.

I have this new rule where I won't buy a sock yarn that I haven't already knit with. Wouldn't it be a shame to end up with a pile of one kind of yarn & hate it? So I made these so I could try out Sunshine since I love her colorways & it totally passed the test. It was wonderful to work with. I am not one to knit the same pattern again but I gotta tell you, I will make more Monkeys. The pattern looks good in every yarn I've ever seen it knitted up in, it's easy to memorize, and it seems to help with pooling. I can see why it's such a popular pattern & if you haven't made any, get to it! I finished them in 17 days, which is a personal best time for fingering weight socks. Go Tasha! Go Tasha!

You know I'm not much on progress pictures but I have to show you this because it will be a while before it's done. It's the Trellis Shawl from the Runway Knits book. I instantly fell in love with this book & I love the idea of this shawl because it also has arms. I really like the idea of a shawl in general but I just don't know how practical it is for me. This one is so squishy & luxurious- I can't wait until it's done. Though it's pretty boring knitting..... I have made quite a bit of progress since this photo - I think I'm at 15 inches & it needs to be 75, so still quite a way to go!

Due to my long absence I have tons to talk about. I could blather on forever but I'll spare you.


Knitting Rose said...

I am so glad you posted your progress & FO's. I love all the socks that you make - they are so pretty. You have great taste in yarn and what a clever Idea to not buy yarn you haven't knit with...
If I did that - I wouldn't have to buy anymore sock yarn - because wellll - I haven't knit with that many different types. But I do love to pet the sock yarn...

Lynn said...

Aren't we funny, you and I? We said we would never knit socks and whenever I am stuck for a project I start knitting...socks.