Friday, September 28, 2007

Pimping my Wares

Two notes of interest on this lovely Friday morning.

First, I entered a pair of my socks in a contest & I'm currently getting my booty handed to me. Go vote - vote for the ones you like best, but personally, I think the best are mine - Lacy Mock Cable Socks by Tasha. Hee hee.

Exercise your right to vote!

Yarn Ahoy contest

Honestly, I loved working with this yarn & she has some insanely gorgeous colorways. If you haven't gotten any, go take a look: Yarn Ahoy

Lastly, if you are in the DFW area, come by & see us on Saturday. The Knit Out Crochet Too is a free event & we have gotten some fabulous prizes for our Purse Contest & as door prizes. It should be a crazy day!
DFW Knit Out Crochet Too


Que Sarah said...

I went and voted! Yours are definitely the best :-) Great job - hope you win!!

Knitting Rose said...

HOW MANY ARE YOU EXPECTING? I think you are going to have a HUGE turnout!

Knitting Rose said...

oh yeah and I voted for yours - cuz they are the best