Thursday, October 11, 2007

Look, I made a Knitter! And other fun stuff.

My niece Jordyn has been showing interest in my knitting since I started pulling it out in front of her. She kept hinting that she might want to learn but never came right out & asked. Honestly, I really didn't think I was a good enough knitter to be teaching anyone - I have my own way of doing stuff & figured I would confuse anyone interested to no end. Not to mention that I'm neither patient or a teacher in any way, shape or form.

Well, Friday night I stayed at my mom's house & Jordyn stayed with us. Away from the watchful eye of her little sister she asked me to teach her to knit. I was happy to do so but I didn't really have teaching supplies with me. I'm working on my Central Park Hoodie & no way was she using that yarn. I had a beaded bag on size 0000 needles with me. Luckily I had some Caron Simply Soft in my suitcase but not with suitable needles - I only had Addi circulars with me (of course!).

I told her that I knew there was some children's rhyme about a bunny & a tree or something (maybe I was thinking tying shoes?) and she told me she didn't need a rhyme to learn. Oh - excuse me. It was a good thing though because I didn't know it & I didn't even know who to call that would know it! She had her own way of learning - "up, around, through & off". Can you see how hard she's concentrating?

Works for me. Worked for her. The circs were throwing her off though. I made mention of the fact that it didn't escape me that she was learning on expensive needles. Too funny. Saturday I headed to Hobby Lobby & got her some cute pink & purple needles with some sparkly yarn - also pink, purple, aqua, brown - any guesses as to her favorite colors? While I was there she finished this scarf:

I am gushing with pride & excitement. I have visions of her in 20 - 30 - 40 years telling the story of how her Aunt Tasha taught her to knit when she was 8 years old & how she put it down for a while but picked it back up because it brought back good memories. Oh, I'm such a freaking sap! This might be her only scarf ever but I'm too happy about it.

Other fun things.

Ya'll. Really. If you don't listen to another podcast, you have to listen to this one. It has nothing to do with knitting & everything to do with nuthin. I love it.
The Big Boo Cast

I'm also reading this Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlaine Harris. It is about vampires & it has a sexual undertone (maybe some overtones too)and you know, a little vampire bloody. But it's really funny & tons of fun. I just didn't want ya'll to say I didn't warn you in case you are easily offended. I am loving it though.

More later about what I'm knitting. Really.


Que Sarah said...

OMG! That's too awesome! My niece asked me to teach her as well, I cant wait to see her so I too can spread the love :-)
As for the Southern Vampire novels - I LOVE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE!! Are they not hilarious!? I finished the whole series in a month! They're also supposed to be coming out with a series on HBO.. I'm patiently waiting...

Anonymous said...

I just love that you made a knitter - she looks so cute!!!

eduininck said...

I am impressed that she got a whole scarf done. My DGD's use the in, out etc method too but only 1 has completed anything. Good job.
No thanks, I'll pass on the vampires. Ha

Lynn said...

Good job Tasha, passing on the needles, so to speak.