Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Such good stuff I can't stand it!

Ok, I had a ridiculous good knit night last week. On Tuesday nights I meet up with some of the Chicks & we knit at Starbucks. Man. Tonight I got my KnitFlix swap gift & it was AWESOME. Here it is:

The Cutting Edge (haven't seen it? No? OMG - you must). The Cutting Edge Licorice Twist yarn dyed by Liz of Knit Clinic Yarns, Zitron Unikat yarn & 2 hat patterns. I'm going skiing & I'm totally into whatever I will be able wear while I'm there (nevermind that I will be in Colorado for 5 days & already have knitwear for about 50 days - just hush!), some of my favorite candy including M&Ms, Giant Chewy Sweettarts, Rainbow Twizzlers which I've never seen in my whole life but was more than happy to try out, Ghiradelli hot chocolate (yum), beads, little magnetic pads which I always have a soft spot for, a pom pom maker, low fat popcorn to even out the candy - all housed in the coolest popcorn bowl ever! Whew. I know - lots of stuff right?

Close ups of the yarn:
Knit Clinic Yarn - hat or maybe Calorimetry?

And then there are these letters. Sigh. You'd almost have to know my swap partner Janet to appreciate this. She is the mom of one of the girls in my group. You know how you hang with your friend's moms & it's not the same as hanging with your mom since they are cooler than your own mom & in no way responsible for you so you are friends with them too? But when you say / do something that you know your mom won't approve of & they give you that mom look but don't really mean it because well, they aren't responsible for you? Well, that's Janet. And she doesn't really approve of my cussing, I can tell. I've been wanting some cursing stitch markers since Becky made some for blogless Betty. Well, Janet got me these letters so I could make some cursing stitch markers of my very own. How sweet is that?

Then ---to top it all of Lise got there & she just got back from Rhinebeck. I entrusted her with some of my hard earned cash & she did not disappoint. Here is what she came back with.

Oasis Aussi Sock Yarn

Some ridiculous gorgeous pink & brown handspun. Which Patrick said looked "unfinished" (ie, thick & thin handspun). Exactly. Sigh. I love it.

Dorchester Farms Handpainted sock yarn

It was hysterical because we were all sitting in a circle & she was showing us all of her loot. It was a haul let me tell you. I was politely looking at all of it & petting it as it came around the circle all the while sitting on the edge of my seat because I knew my stuff was in there! So she pulled out a plastic sack & I couldn't see it & I swear I felt like those people on the Price is Right when they are telling them "you could win......THIS" - And she'd pull out some yarn & I'd get all excited & clap & try to figure how much did that cost. Not really on the cost part. She said she almost came home with $14 of my money. I would have killed her & taken some of the gorgeous stuff she brought home for her!


Knitting Rose said...

OMG - you are soo funny!! I was trying to make you wait!! it was fun to see how much you liked it!! I love the thick & thin too!! it is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Wow you made a haul!
What a great swap gift! Janet does a wonderful job! I've been spoiled by her before...
Lise did ya proud, too.
Do we have a great group or what??