Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mystery of the Socks - Solved?

Let me tell you a sock story. Just in case you didn't know - I said I would "never" knit socks. Never say that - about anything ever - because you never know what you might do & actually enjoy one day. My first sock experience was not a good one, but I took a class on how to do socks on 2 circs with my good friend & the best teacher ever - Alissa - the Knitting Fairy. I simply took the class to learn the method so I could do sleeves on 2 circs because I am not a fan of DPNs. Then I found sock yarn. It's a cheap fix & so dang pretty so I caught the sock bug & knit up about 8 or 9 pairs. Then I lost interest. A few months ago I got interested again. It's Texas, it's freaking HOT & socks are a good summer project. I started some socks - they didn't work. I tried using the "fool proof" method out of the highly recommended books Sensational Knitted Socks & More Sensational Knitted Socks. In case you have been living under a rock or aren't a knitter, these books are "fool proof" (notice those quotes I keep including - it's coming - wait for it) because it teaches you to measure your foot & customize socks in 4,000,000 different ways. I exaggerate but you get the drift - you can merely knit a gauge swatch, figure out your stitches, add a pattern, do different types of toes & heels, etc, etc. I did make one pair of socks from the method in this book & they came out fine - these as a matter of fact:

But they were in DK weight & I had an idea of how many stitches & the needle size that I needed to make them work. So if I was being totally honest I'd say I didn't actually use the measuring part of the book. Ok - all of that to fast forward to the near past....
I have a lot of sock yarn. Um, a lot. So I decided to knit knit knit socks. I have another excuse - I got these for my birthday:

Yep - clear Converse. I love them & they are perfect for showing off hand knit socks. I need more so I can wear them more.

I picked some yarn I love & started a sock.
STR Little Bunny Foo Foo

Didn't work. Was too big around my leg. So I went down # of stitches. Didn't work. Doesn't fit over my ankle. Let's try toe up. Nope. Too tight in the ankle. Let me just say this - I don't have weird feet & ankles. I don't think anyone believed me so they checked me out at knit night. Nope, pretty skinny ankles for a chubby girl & normal sized feet & toes. Nothing unusual. So I set it aside & grabbed more pretty yarn.

Lotus Yarn Punk Rock Girl. Love.

Started to knit Carolina's - I didn't like the pattern with the yarn so I tore it back. And I didn't like the fabric so I went down a needle size. Nope. Still not good. Started toe up - nope.

Do you see a freaking pattern here? I swatched, I swear I did & socks don't like me. So I gave up. RIP sock knitting.

Flash forward to about 6 weeks ago. By a twist of fate I ended up with some of this seller's watermelon sock yarn. Biscotte - if you like her stuff for goodness sakes buy something! She has great customer service & her yarn is pretty. Anyhow. So I decide to knit a plain stockinette sock or a simple rib or something & do it until I get it right. Well, I needed a size 1 needle. Somewhere along the line I must have decided that 2.75mm needles are the PERFECT size for me because I have quite literally 7 circular needles of this size plus a set of DPNs. BTW - fingering weight does not so much work with that size needle. (Tasha's sock problem #417). I have 2 size 1s & I couldn't find them so I went on a hunting mission. I found them - in a sock that I started in November last year at Kid & Ewe. I had knit maybe 3 inches on it & gave up. I came ridiculously close to pulling the sock off those needles to use them then I had a thought - "why in the world would I do that when these socks are WORKING?" HEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOO. I started knitting on them again on a Saturday & bound off the first sock on Monday night. I loved it! I am in love with it. I like sock knitting again! So I cast on for #2 at knit night on Tuesday & Friday night I finished a pair of socks for the first time in 6 months. These- Go With the Flow socks from Favorite Socks in Lone Star Arts color Glam.

May I take this moment to mention that I didn't have even ONE finished object in July? All of those quilt squares & circles I guess. September is sucking quite a bit as well.

To add to my sock knitting craziness, I'm going a sock retreat this weekend in Lindale, TX at Arabella Garden. I'm bringing the only problem socks that still exist on the needles (that adorable Little Bunny Foo Foo sock) and more sock yarn than I can shake a stick at. I'm coming back an expert - DO OR DIE. Socks beware.

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Merry Karma said...

Girl - I love your Glam Girl socks!

I knew you could do it. You are a smart chiquita.

Y'all have fun at the Knitting Fairy's retreat...