Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time at the Farm

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I grew up on about 40 acres and we had cows & horses. My Dad had chickens. I come from a line of people who know stuff about farming & gardens - both of my grandfathers were farmers. As much as I love living in the city, I really do miss fresh veggies & having some domestic animals around that aren't cats or yard bunnies. (although this guy was in my yard this morning & he wasn't scared of me at all).
Bunny in my yard
Bonus points that he is really cute & my cats were in the yard & never even noticed him. Apparently they are also city animals.

I honestly can't remember when I first met Cindy, but she was perhaps one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She lives out 30 minutes or so from me & she has a fiber farm in Parker, TX. My favorite Christmas present from Patrick this past year was a share in Cindy's farm, Jacob's Reward Farm. Here is a little info about the CSA program. Since December I have been wanting to go out & visit Cindy & the animals & meet the new sheep & alpacas that I hadn't seen yet. Cindy has a spin in type day once a month. People pile in her little red barn & spin, or for non-spinners like myself, knit. We went a few weekends ago - her recap is way better than mine. And I made the video AND blog photos.

Did I mention that I got a new camera? And I've been playing with all of the settings? How does that tie in to the farm talk? Because I took some pictures & had my camera set to "night" because I was busy taking pictures at the Grease Sing-A-Long a few weeks ago. The first 3/4 of my pictures at the farm look like they were taken in a dream state. Interesting though. I never claimed to be a great photographer!

The Little Red Barn (in dream state)

Alpacas! (in dream state)

Chicken (in a dream state)

Gizmo! (in a dream state)

Patrick & Kenny trying to pet Gizmo (in a dream state)

Jethro (who we named, poor Cindy) & other Jacob Sheep

Alpacas! And I finally figured out that I was on the wrong setting. See, it was a really gorgeous (and hot) day.

Gizmo - after petting. I think he is saying "back off right now, seriously"

The other sheep

I want to go back right now & often! It's a really fun place to visit.


Lyn said...

OK, tell the truth - did you sneak an alpaca home with you?

Sherilyn said...

We need to plan a trip when I can bring Nadia. It would be fun to see what she thinks of it all!

chococat78 said...

Totally drooling over the alpacas ;)

Cindy said...

I love the "dream state" photos! Those look like the kind Ellie Ivanova will teach people how to take with the Holga cameras at the farm on Sept 25 (sneaky plug, but true).

I think they're awesome and that you did a really nice job!

We loved having you and all the folks at the farm, and cannot wait until you get your knitting hiney back.