Saturday, August 21, 2010

What am I knitting?

Wow - I feel like I haven't talked about what I'm actually knitting in forever! Here are a few things I just finished:

Louise Cardigan in Ella Rae Lace Merino
Louise Cardigan
This pattern is from the Vintage Baby Knits. When I was knitting it I was a little irritated at the fussiness of parts of it, but it turned out really great. I also remember why I love a baby sweater knit all in one piece! It's for one of Patrick's co-workers - I sure hope they like it!

Next up is this adorable lamb from Itty Bitty Toys
Itty Bitty Lamb
I always find toys fiddly to knit, and this one was no exception. For once in my life we didn't have 14 different kind of fast food drink straws in my house so I had to cut a fat straw for the legs. That didn't work out so well, so he won't stand up. He sure is cute though! He went to live with my swap partner but I think I'm going to have to make another one for my yarn room (hello, I COLLECT sheep).

Right now I have so many different things going on that I will be lucky to ever finish one. I'm working on a new sweater, Peasy, in some Rowan Felted Tweed that I got at the Woolie Ewe 2 or 3 years ago! Yay me for using stash yarn (and making room for another sweater's worth that I just bought last week, but whatever). It's really hard to get excited about sweaters when we have had 19ish days of over 100 degree temps here in Dallas, but soon enough it will be fall & I'll be happy that I pushed through the heat.

I also cast on for some socks! Same weather feelings as the sweater - it's hard to believe that I'll want to wear wool socks, but last winter I really enjoyed pulling out my handknit socks when it was chilly. To top it off, I am using some Knit Clinic yarn that was dyed by my friend Liz when she had an etsy shop of her very own. I've been saving it but I figured I might as well be enjoying it & I'm so glad I did. It makes me wish she'd start dyeing again right this minute - look how great it's coming out!
Knit clinic socks
I actually finished the first one Thursday night & cast on for #2 last night. To me that is half of the battle - getting #2 on the needles! It's my first venture into short row heels & toes, toe up from Wendy Johnson's book Socks From the Toe Up. These are the Dead Simple Lace socks & they really are.

I'm also clicking along on my crazy striped shawl (it's about 2/3 done) and another baby sweater, so I have plenty to keep me busy. Then why oh why do I want to cast on another 8 projects this weekend? Dear knitting gods - please give me the strength to work on my existing projects & not be seduced by the thrill of new projects. Amen.

PS - I dropped my shawl off at the fair last weekend. We have to wait 2 weeks! TWO WEEKS. I thought they'd be all "OMG - this is so beautiful. You are da bomb" but they were pretty stoic about the whole thing. I'll let you know what happens.


Andrea said...

I love the baby sweater and lamby. I've been on a baby knitting frenzy and just finished knitting my final baby sweater and as darn cute as they may be, I think I need a break. I was planning to knit that lamb pattern next but I'm kind of over the whole baby knits right now. However, it is too cute to discard all together so it's definitely staying in my queue!

Lyn said...

That lamb is too cute! I need small people to knit for - instant gratification!

knittinwolf said...

I have that same lamb in my queue...even have everything ready for the project! Wow, we're so much alike! Them socks are just awesome...might have to get that book!

lol the word verification is pornes!

Fru-la-la! said...

gorgeous WIPS! So glad to see you blogging again!