Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wine Scarf & Hat

Why oh why would a wine bottle need a scarf & hat?  Because it's freaking adorable!  Look.

Wine hat & scarf
Wine scarf & hat

My sister called me a few weeks ago & told me that she saw the cutest thing in a catalog - a scarf & hat set for a wine bottle.  And she wanted one but it was $17!!!  Did I think I could make that?  Now, I don't know about you, but I have stopped making random stuff for the people in my life because well, they don't like it as much as I think they should.  Or I guess I should say that I have stopped making unsolicited items of my choosing for people because if I'm going to make them something I want them to ZOMG-love-it.   So when my sister calls me up & asks me if I can make something....well, ding ding ding....I'm in! (I think she's figured this out, btw, and next my post will prove it).  So my husband told me to tell her that yes I can & I'd only charge her $10 (joke, of course).  I was going to wing it but a quick search for "wine hat" on Ravelry resulted in several patterns & I'm not one to reinvent the wheel.  I pulled out some scraps & whipped this up literally in a few hours.  It really is cute.  You can find the patterns here.

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute! And a little hilarious too! ;)