Friday, November 18, 2005

The Lone Sock

I really wanted to knit socks. I saw the picture of the pippi kneestockings in Stitch 'N Bitch & really really wanted some. I mean, come on, they are so cute! I had only knitted rectangles so the idea of a sock was a little more than I could handle on my own. I can't read a pattern to save my life & I learn by sight, not by books, so it's really more than I cared to try without help. One night at knitting group Becky & Valerie said they were taking a socks class at the LYS. PERFECT! I had partners in crime! So I called the very next day & signed up for my class, so excited at the prospect that I, too, could knit socks (nevermind the fact that I didn't even know how to purl).

I love the Woolie Ewe in Plano. They are so sweet & the class was super, but ya know what? I hate socks. I hate that sock more than anything else ever. I attribute my hate for socks to the following things (get your cheese, everyone, I'm about to supply the whine):
* we had homework. Obviously to be at the next point to teach us something, we HAD to do homework each week. I knit for fun, people, I don't want someone to dictate to me that I HAVE to knit. Granted, if they hadn't "made" me, I'd probably have knitted knee socks, but hey, tell me I have to do something I don't wanna.
* I have discovered that I like size 13 needles & up. I like instant gratification. These are knitted on size 5 double point needles. I have corpal tunnel & I knit really tight, so this was hell on my wrists, but I'm also a baby.
* I need to be knitting Christmas gifts! 3 weeks later I'm still not, I'm working on a sweater just for me, but in my head, every second I spent on this sock was time I could have spent on gifts.
* My sock has what is referred to as "ladders" and 2 air holes because I didn't knit it tight enough in certain spots.

Poor little lone sock. Am I going to make it a friend? One just like it so I can actually enjoy my sock(s)? I guess one day. I guess after I do Christmas presents. When I feel like it. Maybe then I'll wear them & love socks! I figure I'll make some pretty Christmas stockings & start in February on great big needles - maybe then I'll love socks! My knitting teacher said "you weren't ready for socks" - man, she is smart. I wasn't ready for socks, but hey, I know how to turn a heel. And I can say I know how to make a sock. And I learned to purl & rib. BTW, when I left my friends they were both looking for new sock patterns & yarn, so I may be the only one that hates socks.

AWWW, I'm looking at my sock thinking it needs a match. I want to hate it but I can't, it's like a knitted child, my sock baby!


Christin said...

Socks seem to be love 'em or hate 'em. I'm not a fan either. I like the idea of being a sock knitter. There are some really neat patterns around. However, I rarely wear socks and I'd rather knit something that I'm likely to show off in public, like a sweater or shawl.

Your blog looks great so far!

TinkerBelle said...

I'm a crochet-er myself, and I've never attempted anything so difficult - only square things that have some function... afghans, placemats, etc. You little lone sock looks great!!! And, you rock for getting it done, ladders and all!