Monday, February 12, 2007

Secret Pal Loot

I participated in a secret pal swap & I got my loot this weekend. It is so good you are going to be jealous!

* Yarns Ahoy yarn in Berry Sour
* Cairi's Sweetheart Sock pattern
* an ADORABLE bag from
* D'vine wine
* 2 wine glasses personally embellished with copper wire
AND she hand made me:
* stitch markers
* row counter
* row counter bracelet
Can you believe it? I love love love it all. And it was color coordinated. In my favorite colors ever. Sigh.
Thank you Ronda, you are the best.


Manda said...

awesome, Tasha!! :D I love how everything is color coordinated. very you. :D hehe

Knitting Rose said...

I am still jealous of the wine & glasses. You got the BEST stuff! You better enjoy it!! Cuz, I am getting her next time!!

Julie in Texas said...

Wow! Ronda did a great job. Love the yarn.

Becky said...

A very good haul, indeed. Everything is so totally cool.