Monday, February 05, 2007

January wrap up

I'm doing this for my own benefit so I'm sure everyone will find it boring as hell, but here is what I finished in the month of January:
Texas Square for Elizabeth's grandbaby
Bernat Chunky chemo cap
Mardi Gras scarf for Tiff
Noro Fetching
Caron Simply Soft chemo cap (pink)
5 Fun Fur chemo caps

Yep - that's it for me. I started a Fast Finsih throw for my Grandma in Homespun Regency today - it's knit on 50s! That is just insane - I can't go from the sock project on size 2 to the size 50 - my hands are confused. I got some new yarn - I'll try to post some pixs tomorrow.


Lynn said...

Did you say "socks"? What has happened to us, the self-proclaimed "never going to knit socks" crew?

Liz G. said...

I count eleven FO's there - are you sure you shouldn't have won???