Sunday, August 09, 2009

I adore you, really, but are you a match for me? - or Choosing yarn

I'm going to pretend that I didn't skip 5 months of blogging, are you in? Instead of trying to play catch up & showing you 27 things that I've made, I'll just tell you where I am right now this instant in the world.

I've really been a slave to knitting lace and shawls. I have completely abandoned all sock, sweater, and accessory knitting. Now, once again, I'm all about making a new sweater.

Here's my news: for my anniversary my husband got me a free ride to a big knitting event of my choice. So of the events coming up in the very near future, I chose to go to Stitches East which will be in Hartford, CT Oct 22-25. For those of you who don't know, Stitches is a huge knitting conference with tons of vendors, classes & all around knitterly activity for a full weekend. I am signed up for 2 great classes, my hotel & flight are both booked. Now you know good & well what I need - new clothes!

I have no idea why this phenomenon exists, but when I go on a trip, I must purchase new clothes. Nevermind that I have perfectly acceptable clothes in my closet that no one where I am going has ever seen. I want new new new new new. Want to guess what this means for a knitting trip? I MUST KNIT NEW STUFF FOR STITCHES. My goal is to knit a new sweater, because I have some awesome new shawls hot off the needles & I'm satisfied with their newness level. Wanna see?

Aeolian is posted.


For the past week I have looked at every sweater that I have ever thought that maybe I wanted to knit to chose something that I find acceptable for such an occasion. My final decision? Celtic Icon by Fiona Ellis from the book Inspired Cable Knits. I love it. Now I'm on the quest for the perfect yarn.

You know, this might be my very favorite part of the knitting process, the plan. I love deciding on a new project, choosing a yarn, choosing a color. So I went to the Woolie Ewe & purchased ONE BALL of a few yarns to try out. This is a new approach for me - I usually throw caution to the wind, buy a full sweater's worth, knit it up into a sweater, or worse, promptly find out that it doesn't work for my project & stash it for another day. This is why I have 12 kinds of sweater yarn in my stash that don't work for any sweater that I want to knit ever (I'm working on this, don't judge me).

These are the yarns I bought, and perhaps won't be the color of my sweater, I just wanted to try them out:

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool - I have been trying to use this yarn for a sweater for ages, we just don't seem to get along. I bought 2 & figure I'll end up making a scarf from this after the swatching project.

Queensland Collection Rustic Wool DK - it is more of a semi-solid with slight color variations & I am digging that right now.

Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed. Sigh. My friend Dawn bought this yarn for a sweater & boy did I fall in love with it. Hers is a most gorgeous pink but I just can't bring myself to want this sweater in that color. I am going to try this but some of the reviews say that the color variations from skein to skein are pretty brutal & frankly, I'm not all about carrying 2 balls of yarn to make it work out - I find that to be a great big pain in my ass. So while this is my favorite, I'm going in cautiously.

So...come with me on the crazy journey of choosing yarn for a project. Who knew it was that much work, huh?

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