Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Typical Mind Changing

So even though I just posted the story about the Celtic Icon & choosing the right yarn about, that really went down about 2 weeks ago. In the mean time, I have completely changed my mind - so typical of me & a new project, particularly a new sweater.

When I was looking for the perfect yarn for Celtic Icon, I came across this yarn:
Queensland Kathmandu Aran Tweed in color #156. I loved it. I searched for a DK weight in the same yarn but my LYS didn't have it. I looked for another gray yarn that might be an acceptable substitute know. It wasn't the same. I got the other yarn & tried to forget all about it know. So I have been in the obsessive mode of trying to find a sweater that I want to knit that matches that yarn. I spent hours & hours looking & then DUH - it hit me. My number 2 choice of sweaters to make for Stitches fit the bill. So instead of Celtic Icon I will be making October Frost (it's the one in the middle).I loved that sweater the instant I saw it in the book & that's it. I very well may change the collar on it because I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it, but I can change that when I get to it if the mood strikes me.

I finally broke down & called Woolie Ewe to see if they had enough in stock for my sweater. They had TWO BALLS LESS than I needed. So they ordered the yarn for me & I'm very impatiently waiting for it to come in so I can cast on. So impatiently even that I went in there yesterday on the off chance that I could get it. No such luck - which is kind of a good thing since I started 2 new projects since Saturday.

So there you have it - decision made. I will post photos of my yarn & keep you up to date on my progress when I make some. For now I'm working on a baby sweater for a shower Saturday (what, it's only Wednesday!), a Magic Shawl, and a lace shrug out of some ridiculously tiny black yarn. That shrug was making me hate knitting & I was a bit grumpy about it so I put it down.

That's all for now - later!

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