Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wanna see something pretty?

My very first real lace shawl with beads & everything. I went to my friend Sherilyn's yesterday & she helped me block it so it would be gorgeous. And well, if I may say so myself, it is.

Aeolian Blocked

It's still drying at her house, but it's not like I'll be wearing it anytime soon. I really really love it though & it was fun fun fun to knit.

Aeolian from in Handmaiden Sea Silk Chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Your shawl is beautiful. What nice work you did. Susie T

Manda said...

Beautiful!! I didn't really care about knitting this before, but now I might have to! Absolutely stunning!

Knitting Rose said...

That is just beautiful. I am VERY impressed. I think it is fairworthy. But it doesnt matter - you already won.

Merry Karma said...