Monday, April 26, 2010

New contest prize

While I sort out the 784 things going through my head about this weekend I just wanted to give you a quick look at a new prize I added for the contest. Madeline Tosh - Tosh Sock in Fjord. Yum

Tosh sock Fjord

I have to be perfectly honest. I was feeling kind of bad because I had intentions of buying some Tosh Sock as a prize at DFW Fiber Fest. I was tired & well, I guess selfish because I made 2 trips to the Madeline Tosh booth. I bought some for me. Some quite honestly I'm not sharing with ya'll! So I put that on my list for Loopy central because they have a big pile of it. AND I FORGOT AGAIN! In my defense, I was staying far far away from that area because I had bought my fair share & didn't want to be tempted. I asked Jen (one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met!) to bring me something pretty. Boy did she deliver. It's gorgeous & squishy .......I can't figure out why I didn't buy any for MMMMEEEEEEEE. I almost kept it. Man, that would have been wrong & I wouldn't have been able to sleep at night. Of course, that would give me more time to knit it up, wouldn't it???

Just a reminder - May 30th deadline, we are approaching the one month point. Get to knitting if you've been putting it off. What I have gotten already is highly appreciated & all so stinking cute!

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knittinwolf said...

Have about six done so far!:)