Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Fling 2010 - Part 1

Wow. I don't even really know what to say. I had the most fabulous time with a pile of people that I had never even met before that I can't even express it right! I met Beth, the first Spring Flinger at the airport in Dallas - little did I know that it would be the first of so many great women all weekend. I got there & even walking out of the airport I saw a knitter with a bag under her arm knitting a sock & I thought "this is what real life should look like." From that moment until I got home Monday, every moment was spent around other people just as obsessed about knitting & yarn as I am. Not only that, but I could go into any restaurant, store, bar, etc & there were MORE knitters - people that didn't mind if I just plopped down at their table & joined them. I think that was my favorite part - that everyone welcomed just one more person to join the circle & hang out. How refreshing.

But really you just wanted to hear about the stuff, don't you?

Here is the goodie bag:
Spring Fling 2010 goodie bag
It rocked. And included a skein of Wollmeise Femme Fatale colorway that Claudia dyed just for this package. I was so sad that the ash from the volcano kept her from coming from Germany. I sooooo wanted to meet her & the other ladies that couldn't make it.

Thursday night the fabulous plazajen organized a newbie dinner because her first year she ate alone & it made her sad to think that someone else would have that experience. There were 63 of us and I must admit, my first thought was "clusterfuck". I mean, no way that would go well, but I have to say, they handled it with ease. I heard some people say that the service was slow as we expected, & I thought, Really? I didn't notice at all. I was talking to the most fascinating woman. I loved hearing about her life in a rural area of New York. She had so many questions about life in Texas & the South in general - and you know I love telling stories. I think we were both surprised about what life is like in areas were we have never visited. Then we went to the dessert reception. I found my swap partner Suzanne & she was AWESOME. I swear we have the exact same taste in yarn & I was relieved to know we wouldn't be going on the same shopping trip to Loopy Central. Cause I wouldn't want to have to take her out, seriously. This is what she got me:
Spring Fling swap package from Suzy23
Holy crap it was awesome! I want to do another swap with her pronto.

During the dessert reception I had a moment of clarity. I asked "what do we do now?" Everyone looked at me a little crazy & said "YOU JUST KNIT". Oh. I see. We just knit. It was the best thing I ever heard. I have been to quite a few big knitting events. Some smaller & closer to home, some larger & far away, but never has it been WE JUST SIT & KNIT. It was refreshing & I was really relieved. So I just sit & knit. And talked. And knit & talked.

If I had to participate in the Groundhog day phenomenon & live one day over & over & over, Friday would have been a really good day for that. Friday morning I was part of the first group to go to Loopy Central. HOLY CRAP. I have been to a crazy number of yarn shops. I have a really big & fabulous LYS called The Woolie Ewe. Often when we travel & I come back from a shop I'll look at Patrick and shrug - I mean, I'm pretty spoiled & it takes a lot to impress me. Color me impressed.
Me at Loopy Central
This is ALL DIC Starry

My new friends Elizabeth & Kim in front of the Cascade wall
Elizabeth & Kim
More yarn (I hated my pictures in front of the loopy wall - I wish I had spent more time getting them right!)
Loopy Central

More yarn!
Loopy Central

Loopy Central

I got this:
Spring Fling Haul

I actually think I displayed some huge self restraint. I also didn't have much time to save for the shopping part & I kept trying to tell myself that I can order whatever I want later. Sigh. I could have filled my house with yarn from this place.

Friday afternoon I had down time to JUST SIT & KNIT. And meet new people. I was quite the table jumper - I wanted to meet absolutely everyone though I admit on Sunday morning at breakfast I looked around & found more people I hadn't talked to & even more that I hadn't even seen! Insane.

Friday my Loopy really started acting up. Apparently Sheri has said that some Loopy's are very well behaved but some are naughty. One lady told a story about how she got one & on the way to her house he ate all of her hersheys kisses! When her package got there there were only empty wrappers & her daughter thought that was pretty mean. I laughed about that so much! Well, mine is naughty too. It may have something to do with the fact that I think I'm the only grown woman to carry around a stuffed sheep all weekend, but my Loopy got into an awful lot of trouble & there is photographic evidence to prove it. My new friends said it could be because I let him share in the flask & that makes me a pretty bad Loopy mamma, but whatever.

Loopy is out of control
Loopy starting to be bad
Loopy's yarn barf
Loopy's yarn barf
Loopy needed some rest too
Loopy needs some rest

You can see more of Loopy behaving badly at the following blogs:

He's quite the character but he must be worn out because I haven't had much trouble out of him since we got home. Maybe he's scared of the cats.

I will come back & talk about the classes. So much to say!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your recap! I totally agree with you about how welcoming everyone was and how refreshing it was to go to an event where you just sit and knit! :D

Lyn said...

I wish I'd been there - it sounds like a fabulous time! You look great in that pic, btw! Where'd you get the amazing flask?

Tasha said...

@Lyn - I wish you had been there too! Santa got me the amazing flask but if you google knitting flask, it's amazingly easy to find. There were people there with larger ones - I highly recommend something bigger.

Cat Raggedy said...

Your pictures are great! And fling was fun... I didn't have time to meet everyone either...

In your swap package, is that a new type of Diet Coke bottle? I've never seen one like that before.

Tasha said...

@catraggedy - she got it at coke world in Vegas. It's sooo cool.

knittinwolf said...

What an awesome recap! That naughty Loopy!:) Too funny...that flask is awesome! Makes me wanna go to that! And all that scrumptious, delicious, yummy yarn...gotta wipe up the drool!:)

Glad you had an awesome time..thanks for all the pics!

Holy Cow there's a lot of yarn in that store...I've never, ever seen that much, I'd have a fiberattack!!

Candice said...

that is some of the best yarn porn i've ever seen. thank you. just...thank you.

Fru-la-la! said...

srsly, omehgawd, the yarn pron and the goodie bag?!! I am jealous & you are beautiful!!

chococat78 said...

Loving your post :) Especially the yarn and Loopy behaving badly ;) Really miss you and we have to plan an outing. I posted my Yarn today!

PlazaJen said...

You crack me up! I'm so glad we connected & had some time to laugh & chat. My sense is we could get into a lot of trouble together... ;)