Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Can I tell you that I HATE this Boye Needlemaster with my whole heart and soul? There is only one thing I hate more than being wrong & that is admitting that I was wrong. My baby blanket project was coming along swimmingly. I went to my knitting group Saturday night very smugly carrying my shiny new Needlemaster interchangeable needle set. I mean really, some people didn't even know that they made interchangeables so there was a good deal of interest in them. What a great idea! Well, about 10 minutes into knitting they came unscrewed. I was up to about 300 stitches on the blanket & dropped probably 75 of them. Ugh. So i recovered from that and I learned a really good lesson - how in the world do you reattach these things when you have a project on them? You can't screw them together. GGGGRRRRRR. So I finally manage to reattach them. Not 10 minutes later they fall apart AGAIN. That's it - thankfully Tatiana had pretty long 10.5 circulars so I snatched them & moved my blanket onto those.

Monday I found my receipt & hauled them back to Michaels. No go - they won't take them back because I used them. He asked me why I wanted to return them - I told him they wouldn't stay together & I hated them - too bad. Anyone who knows me well knows my "I'll just sell them on ebay" attitude. Well, they go for NOTHING - which makes me believe everyone hates them & also makes me feel like an idiot for not buying them on ebay to begin with for half the price!

Bottom line is this: I need several lengths of circulars for the DFW Fiber Fest this weekend. I'm going to give them one more shot. I will be writing an unhappy email to Boye. Then they very possibly will be sold on ebay - something is better than nothing - and I'll start saving for my Addi Turbo collection.

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