Friday, April 14, 2006

Drama, Drama, Drama...

Can't I do one F**King project without having issues??? Ok, now that I got that out...I started the pinwheel baby blanket & the yarn that I bought called for size 8 needles. Why I even listen to the label is way beyond me because I know that I knit really tight & the label size never works for me. I started it at out knitting group & Lynn was kind & patient enough to start it for me like 3 times since I kept screwing up - but she drew the line at the last start. I got it home & knit for a few nights & it was really just whipping my butt - I should have listened when Lynn told me that she thought I should knit it on bigger needles....Having said that, I had just bought the bamboo double points that I needed specifically for this project (and as I said before, I hate those bamboo things!) ANYWAY - so I frogged the blanket again & did a few swatches until I found a size that didn't make me want to rip my hair out yet would actually warm a little baby - an 11! So off to search out size 11 double points...have you looked for larger sizes of double points lately? My LYS is a good 35 minutes from me so I searched all the typical Michaels, Hobby no avail. I found 10 1/2s at Joann - you know what? Close enough! So I started it over all on my own & have been going to town on it as shown in the picture above.

All this lead to the next obvious question - new circulars. Patrick happened to be with me on part of this quest & when I saw that the circs I wanted were $9 I starting telling him about the interchangeable circular option (like he cares, really). When he figured out that we were talking about $50 he was so confused as to why I was even considering doing anything else so I took that opportunity to find out more & immediately purchase them! I researched online & found that most everyone loves their Denise needles & Monday I drove to LYS to get them. The girl in the store talked me out of them! When I asked her if they were better than the Boye she said honestly no but that the Boye were $95 & that she used Addi Turbos so easy for her to tell me that the $20 a pop ones were the BEST option (that comment came from her, not me). I do appreciate the honesty & the whole plastic issue was throwing me - I hate to knit on plastic needles, I love my cheapy metal ones! We asked the ladies at LYS if they had used them - one lady loved them (did I mention she was also knitting with Addi Turbos though) & one lady hated them & said she wouldn't knit with them if you gave them to her for free! I decided to go with my gut. Michaels had the Boye Needlemaster set for $70 & I found a 40% coupon so I went & got them for $45 with tax. I even used a gift card that I had from Christmas so really they were free... how is that for rationale!

So that is my baby blanket drama. I signed up for the DFW Fiber Fest April 28-30 so I just realized that cuts my knitting days down considerably. I suppose I'll have to start knitting during the day between working - now THAT is the upside of working from home!

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Miss Knotty said...

Hi there! Saw you on the KnitTalk thread - I'm in Addison, TX. :) Nice work on the Needlemaster set - my knitting buddy has the Denise set, and she LOVES hers, I almost never see her on anything else (unless it's dpns for a sock) - Anyway, welcome to KnitTalk!

(I'm a regular over at the Ewe, too, so I'll be looking for ya.) :)