Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DFW Fiber Fest

DFW Fiber Fest is this weekend - I am so excited! I will be updating this post with yarn pictures shortly once I get my camera back - I left it at the in-laws at Easter & they are mailing it to me - so sad that postage is cheaper than gas to East Plano. ANYWAY! I went to buy all the yarn I needed for this thing on Monday and I love it all. Here is the line up I'm taking:
Seamless Raglan Sweater - Fri morning
Intro to lace knitting - Fri afternoon
Dyeing with Food Grade Dyes - Sat morning
Don't Despair - Repair! - Sat afternoon
Intarsia from Beginning to End - Sun morning
Adjusting for Gauge, Changing sizes - Sun afternoon

So exciting, isn't it? I originally scheduled for a Crochet for Knitters class & it got cancelled because apparently not many people were interested. I must admit at first I was really disappointed because part of the reason I was attending was for the crochet class. My second choice was the dyeing class which I had NO interest in, but now I simply can't wait. I've been researching online & it's just...well, cool! I bought tons of Kool Aid & clearance easter egg dye. I'm only bringing a little egg dye because man, it's seasonal! And I'm too nice - I'll hand it all out to everyone in class. I can't wait to see how it comes out - I've even planned a project with the yarn I bought to dye. See the Knitty Clapotis in my Projects of Interest area.

Also, bear with me, I'm playing with my title. None of my ideas are original but I'm feeling them out!

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Becky said...

I have the yarn to start the Clapotis - we should start it together. There is a Yahoo Clapotis Knit-Along Group.