Saturday, January 20, 2007

I've Been Fixed! and other things I've been doing.

Well, I know in my heart that there is no "wrong" way to knit. I was taught to knit continential style by a friend and after trying to purl I realized that I didn't knit the same way as the people that taught me. I adamantly refused to change the way I knitted. I asked for and received that book Knitting for Anarchists. I prided myself on being one. But let's get real peope. I knit so tightly that I could never match gauge. The fabric I created was awfully dense. And worst of all, my wrists hurt. So I broke down & went to The Knitty Fairy, Alissa Barton, and she is trying to help fix me. In reality I was only doing one thing wrong - wrapping my yarn over the top of my needle before pulling it through which twisted my stitches. I won't bore you with the details but I'm now trying to fight 18 months of muscle memory to fix it. It's neither fun or easy but I must say - it's so much easier & much less stressful on my wrists.

I anticipation of this fix, I've been knitting chemo caps for the local hospital. I didn't want to start a huge project so I've been getting many things off the needles. Here are some photos of said chemo caps. And Fetching fingerless mitts for my stepmom out of Noro Silk Garden. And this scarf for my cousin that lives in New Orleans. Very classy Mardi Gras, no?

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