Sunday, January 21, 2007

Game Time!

In light of my new goal of knitting from my current stash, let's play a game. This isn't a game in the traditional sense of the word - that means no prize. Other than the knowledge that you helped some kniterly spirit knit something beautiful from her stash. So if this was your yarn, what would you knit? It's Blue Heron Beaded Rayon in the Marshgrass colorway. Measures approximately 525 yards. I need help. Please. You know you are opinionated, use it for something good!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Lora used the Falling Leaves shawl pattern from Lavish lace (page 41)
I calls for 1 hank of Cherry TRee Hill Ariel @ 515 yards per hank.

I also found this:

Or you could knit a smoke Ring (I have several of these patterns...)

If you make the smoke ring, you'd probably have enough left over for fingerless mitts to match.

Just a few thoughts, I may come up with more later.

Manda said...

well, I googled for the yarn +pattern.. here's what I found:
I may have this issue - I have some back issues. I can let you borrow it if you decide to do something like this.
i have no idea what this pattern is. it looks familiar, but she doesn't mention it on her blog. could email her and find out. (i also found it on flickr and left a comment to find out what pattern it is. i'll let you know if she contacts me :)

someone did a my so-called scarf w/ something similar, too:

hope that helps.... :)

Dawn said...

I have seen this on several blogs and it is supposed to be an excellent first lace project. Not sure if you have done lace before, I can't remember! The pattern is like $6.50 but it is supposed to be a one skein wonder! Good luck.

Liz G. said...

Someone did this from MagKnits -

This one would be pretty, too.

This is an option:

This was suggested by one knitter:

And then, someone did a Clapotis in it - but bad pic:

But I like this one (And may actually get it for me to use mine with...):

Knitting Rose said...

You just got that new lace/shawl book - you need to make something out of it! Silly!
You have been KNITTING up a storm! Wow - great caps - and all that yarn! Are you trying to have the biggest stash? LOVE it though - great stuff. I know you can do the "new" knitting thing - just keep practicing. Won't it be nice to be able to make gauge?

Becky said...

It would make a cool shrug...

Julie in Texas said...


No thoughts on the beautiful yarn. Just wanted to say I had a great time at Starbucks last night. Thanks for making me feel welcome!

I may have to try a scarf like yours...that is if I finish the neverending baby blanket!


Woman who knits said...

I'd do Shifting Sands from Grumperina. It would be great in that yarn.

Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

It almost looks Persian. I would make a luxurious-looking "cloth" to throw over an end table, a piano, or some other piece of furniture---with really long fringe on the edges.