Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Priscilla is Out of the Closet

Yep, she's back! In case you haven't met her yet you can read her full story here
Patrick kind of hates her because being true Texans (ie, gun owners) he is afraid that he'll see her, assume it's someone in our house to do us harm, and shoot holes in her. For her own safety she lives in my craft room. But he's out of town & the minute he was packed I pulled her out and let her model for me.

Truly Tasha Shawl

Go ahead & ohh & ahhh, yeah, I know it's pretty. But it's not that big - as it stands it might fit an anorexic model - or come to think of it a transexual manequin. The worst part of this whole story is that I KNEW IT WAS SMALL. When I started the edging I thought it looked small but thought that the edge would be bigger. When I saw that it wasn't that much bigger with the border I should have stopped right there. I didn't. I just kept knitting the lace border which definitely took me longer to knit than all of the garter stitch. I have no good explanation for this ridiculous and irrational behavior but I do know what my punishment is. I'm going to pull out the lace border (you have to pull it all out because it starts at the top right), continue the most boring knitting ever, then knit the lace border back on. What a pain in the ass. I'm glad the cold weather is over so I can do this over time.

My So Called Scarf

I loved loved loved this project. It went really quickly though I do attribute some of that to the multiple loves mentioned. It's relatively easy with out being boring. I really wasn't thrilled with the bind off edge thus the fringe. I hate doing fringe.

Side note: if you read that original post on Priscilla & are wondering, no I never did learn to sew. It's on my list for 2007 but so far no progress. Also, I gave Priscilla boob job - I put a bra on her & stuffed it so she'd be more feminine. I do recognize that even having done this means that I need help.


Anonymous said...

Priscilla!! OMG - I am so glad he/she is 'out of the closet' - he he.

Bohemian Road Nurse... said...

Love the Truly Tasha Shawl!

Knitting Rose said...

LOVE the shawl. I think it is beautiful and the scarf - well - AWESOME!!