Friday, March 02, 2007

February FO

Man I did a lot of knitting & didn't finish much. I was more of a starter than a finisher this month.

* Truly Tasha Shawl
* Square for Warm Up America - Superbowl Knitting
* Fast Finish Homespun throw

The sad part is that I'm going to frog that Truly Tasha shawl any minute now. It's just not big enough & I don't like it. You have to understand, I always lose love for my projects when I'm finished with them. This time I actually have reason. It's knit to the measurements in the pattern but I don't find that it drapes as well as I wanted it to. The really sucky part is that I realized this when I started the lace border & instead of addressing it, I just kept knitting it. Now I have to frog the lace border all the way around the damn thing & knit more garter stitch. Ick.

Counting down to the Knitting Retreat next weekend......

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Anonymous said...

You have the same problem with projects that I have with food. Once I have made (cooked) something, I am over it! Now, you see, if I would cook more I wouldn't be so.....ahem.......shapely.

Just sayin'