Thursday, March 29, 2007

why you don't knit socks for loved ones

So I finished Patrick's socks last night at the meet up. I gave them to him when I got home but it was late & he decided to try them on tonight. He put them on, wiggled his feet around a bit, then switched feet & said "that's better". I walked out of the room to get the camera to take a picture of the blessed event. What a good thing I did! I'm so sweet! I knit socks for the man I love! When I came back in the room he had his finger in a sock. The following conversation happens:

Me: "What? What's wrong?"
Him: Nothing they are fine
Me: No, really, what's wrong I want to know?
Him: nothing, really.
Me: Other people knit socks as gifts & the people they give them to never again wear store bought socks! You think they suck.
Him: laughter
Me: What? Tell me, I really want to know!
Him: hysterical laughter then - I don't want to say
Me: I really really want to know you have to tell me!
Him: It's not that they suck, it's just that they hurt.

Me. Shocked silence. Him. Laughing hysterically. So hard he has tears in his eyes. Not wanting to disappoint me, but man, I made him say it, right?


PS - ignore the " real" sock in the background. I'm also doing laundy.


Knitting Rose said...

OMG!!! I can't believe it!! It is not funny - but it is!! I bet it is because they.... ummmmm.... Oh crap - I don't know. Is it that the yarn is so big? I know they are not 'walking' socks - because you did double strand on big needles. Is it because they haven't been washed yet and they are still too - well - hard? I know that is a terrible word to use -but I have had socks like that. They are like 'hard' or 'cardboardlike' until you wash them. Are they too tight? Oh MY Goodness. I can't believe it. but look on the bright side - you won't have to knit him any more socks.

Julie in Texas said...

What a shame! You worked so hard on them. Try washing them and then maybe some sock blockers to stretch them.

Or like Lise said, maybe you won't have to knit anymore for him! My husband doesn't even want to TRY handmade socks. After the third time of him saying I really don't want socks I decided to leave it alone. More socks for me! ;-)

Que Sarah said...

Hrm. Boys stink. I think your socks are gorgeous and you did an amazing job! Thank goodness it wasn't a sweater!! I guess you'll just have to knit more socks for yourself now!!

Elizabeth said...

That is so sad. But you did make me laugh when you were saying your thoughts on the way to the camera. That sounds like something I'd do. And then come back and get crushed. Ah men, ya just gotta love 'em sometimes! :)

Jenny said...

How did they hurt? I just wore my first pair of socks (I've been making stockings and baby socks but never made myself a pair - that had to be changed!). I wore them to work yesterday and shoes I've worn a million times gave me a blister that bled all over the back of my pretty new socks. I'm wondering if the yarn being slightly larger than the yarn used on storebought socks was the problem.

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious.

Lynn said...

so no more socks for Patrick?

Hanane said...

Tasha, Suky says the same thing, She says the socks that I knit for her burn her feet. Go figure!!! I think we should ship the two of them off.