Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Yes, DYEING, not dying. I looked up the spelling to make sure I didn't confuse anyone. I figured I'm going to break this conference & my experiences there by project because if not I'll be a babbling idiot and the whole entry would be one long run-on sentence (much like this one)!

I took a food dyeing with food grade dyes class- which in this case included Kool-Aid & easter egg dye. DUDE! It rocked. We only had 4 people in the class so we really got to experiment and enjoy our time there. The pictures above are all of my process, but I put the results from other students below because it was all so gorgeous - much more so than mine for sure!

Here is the short version of the pictures above: #1, laid out the yarn like king cakes & painted it with mixed easter egg dye - I still can't believe I didn't get a picture after is was completely painted #2, I wrapped it in saran wrap completely sealed & put in in the microwave for 8 minutes in 2 minute intervals #3, after rinsing hung to dry #4, balled up #5, finish product knitting in a swatch.

That's it folks. It was so easy & so much fun. I wish I had a better lay out in my kitchen but I'm already plotting more dyeing. I used a very small sample because I had really put my yarn in huge hanks but they were pretty close together & I thought would be hard to dye.

I wasn't as impressed with the Kool Aid outcome but I think it's because I did a single color & I really like the varigated look so much better. I dyed with Black Cherry first, then I tied off about one inch sections & redyed in Ice Blue Raspberry
Lemonade & got this:

Here are results from other students in my class:

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